Only taxpayers deserve to be respected as VVIP


Irfan Aligi


Federal Minister for Information Technology Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui said that only the taxpayers should be given the status and respect of VVIP as it is seen in today’s modern and civilised world. Traders and businessmen have always paid taxes and that they have at their credit a role for taking the country to the level of self-reliance and hence they deserve to be respected as VVIPs. It is very unfortunate that we doubt their loyalty and patriotism while they the economic spearheads of the country as the country’s matters and affairs are only because of their dynamic contributions.
He was addressing at the Karachi Expo where a two-day international Consumers Products Fair-2019 is being carried in full swing. Dr Siddiqui said that everyone should pray for the fate of the port city of Karachi which population has exceeded 30 million and this city adds up to 75 percent to the national exchequer as revenue. This city is the economic hub of the country and revenue engine of the country.
He said that Karachi Port Trust is striving hard to meet city’s financial needs. He hoped that the International Consumers Products Fair-2019 might attract local and foreign investors t invest in Pakistan and thus the country could attains the required investment that would lead it to the status of self-reliance. Fairs like this are a must to convey soft messages and portray soft images to the world bout Pakistan.
To a question, the Minister said that as far as the local government system in Pakistan is concerned, only that local government system of Punjab is occupying the rest of the systems in provinces. However, we have already tabled necessary amendments in the Parliament, he added.
The federation of Pakistan should consider promulgating a unanimous local government system in all four provinces and the MQM already is in support of one local government system in Pakistan.

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