Arkroi village residents still lacking basic facilities


Civil dispensary Arkrio could not functioned in ten years since its establishment. Thousands of residents of Arkroi village on Arundu Road in the very south of Drosh Tehsil are deprived of health, education, communication, basic human rights and other facilities.

In this area, the former Provincial Minister of Population Welfare Saleem Khan Chitrali had provided funds for a civil dispensary and constructed a building, but this civil dispensary locally known as hospitals is still closed for the last 10 years. Qari Muhammad Daim, Nazim village council Arkroi Langur Butt told that a civil dispensary was established at Arkroi in 2011 but unfortunately this dispensary is still closed. He said that we have repeatedly requested the District Health Officer Chitral and the district administration to open it, but in response they said that the owner of the land asks for his employment, but this issue has not been resolved yet.

Qari Muhammad Daim, Nazim of Village Council Arkroi Langurbat, offered that if the owner of the land does not object, we are ready to give him alternate land in return as substitute or compensation of his land.—INP