Official criticizes world’s refusal to recognize Kabul Govt



The deputy head of the intelligence forces of the Islamic Emirate, Najibullah Wassiq, said that the lack of recognition of the current Afghan government by the international community is an obvious act of oppression against the people of Afghanistan.

He made the remarks at a gathering held in Kabul titled, a “Gathering of the People.”

“This is an oppressive act–that the international community doesn’t recognize the Islamic Emirate. If they seize the funds of the Islamic Emirate and the people of Afghanistan, it is oppression,” Wassiq said.

The participants attending the gathering called on the Islamic Emirate to be supportive of the people and to eliminate corruption in the government.

The meeting was attended by dozens of people from across the country.

“One of your responsibilities is (to eliminate) ethnic discrimination,” said Ghulam Farooq, a participant.

The participants also called to prioritize unity and they urged there should be no ethnic discrimination.

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