Not sending an army to occupy Sindh islands: Asad


Our Correspondent


Commenting on the controversy revolving around the Pakistan Islands Development Authority Ordinance, Planning and Development Minister Asad Umar has said that the federal government was not sending an “army to occupy these islands” in Sindh.
The ordinance, promulgated by the Centre, has met with increasing criticism from several corners since it first came into public knowledge. It has invited the ire of other political parties, nationalists, writers and civil society activists in Sindh and several protests and rallies have been held calling for its revocation.
Speaking to the media in Hyderabad on Saturday, Asad Umar said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had already clarified that the issue would be resolved with consensus.
“We aren’t sending an army to occupy these islands. The PPP’s (previous) federal government had itself tried to initiate similar projects on these islands,” he recalled.
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