Non-Muslims integral part of national fabric: PM’s message on National Day of Minorities

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Islamabad: On the occasion of the National Day of Minority, Prime Minister Shehbaz lauded the valuable contributions rendered by the minorities in our nation-building.

In a special tweet, the PM said that the “non-Muslim citizens are an integral part of our national fabric,” and we thank them for their service to the country.”

He said that our founding fathers envisaged a pluralistic society in Pakistan in which all citizens of the state were equal.

President’s message

In a separate statement, President Arif Alvi also acknowledged the invaluable contribution made by minorities to the development of Pakistan on the occasion of the National Day of Minorities.

He said that this day reminds us of the promise made by our founding father, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, in 1947, that every member of this great nation, irrespective of their religious belief, would enjoy equal rights and liberties.

“Their rights have been enshrined in our Constitution. Islam also emphasizes the protection of minorities’ rights,” the President said.

Referring to the steps taken by the State toward inclusivity, President Alvi said that minorities had their own representation in the federal and provincial assemblies. Besides, they have also been allocated a job quota in all government services, the President added.

This set a direction for the government to formulate and align its policies towards the realization of the objective of all-inclusive socio-economic development and a level playing field for all communities of the nation.

President Alvi appreciated the role being played by minorities, especially in the fields of education, health, and social welfare and said, “Pakistan stands committed to its responsibilities as enshrined in the Constitution by way of fundamental rights and principles of policy.”

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