‘No holy cows’: Deal powerful people with iron fist over flouting the law, PM tells police


ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan Wednesday urged the police to deal poor politely and give no relaxation to powerful people on flouting the law.

He was addressing the inauguration ceremony of the Eagle Squad Unit of the police in Islamabad. The premier stressed upon the police to handle the powerful people who breaks the laws with an iron fist.

“There are no holy cows… even if Imran Khan violates the law, arrest him. And if you fail to comply with it, I will take action against you,” he stated.

He said that placing the poor behind bars is not law enforcement but jailing the powerful is a real execution of rules and regulations.

PM Khan emphasized on taking advantage of modern technology to enhance capacity of the police force.

The prime minister said that Pakistan was unable to progress for past years due to having dual laws to handle with poor and big fish.

He also said maintenance of law and order in the federal capital has great significance for image building of the country and attracting investments.

The Eagles Squad comprises 100 motorcycles with 600 officials. It has been established with the cost of Rs300million.

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