New Zealand protest ends, investigation and cleanup begin


New Zealand police said Thursday they will review hours of cellphone footage taken by themselves, the media and the public to identify lawbreakers, while crews begin the cleanup of Parliament’s grounds after a protest there against coronavirus vaccine mandates ended in violence.

A day earlier, police moved in on several hun-dred protesters who had been camped out on the grounds and surrounding streets for more than three weeks. As protesters retreated, they set fire to tents, mattresses and chairs, and hurled stones and wood at officers.

The protest is also prompting a rethink of secu-rity at the grounds, which have been the site of many peaceful protests in the past, as well as a favored spot for workers and families to walk through or eat lunch.

House Speaker Trevor Mallard said on Twitter he thought a wall was needed, with gates that could be closed when they were confronted by groups like the unruly protesters.

“I love the openness and accessibility of our House and grounds,” he said. “I want to retain that but have a way of keeping people safe.”

Hundreds of officers were involved in the op-eration to break up the camp. They wore riot gear and used pepper spray and water hoses after protesters sprayed fire extinguishers and threw objects at them.

Protesters had blocked the streets around Par-liament with hundreds of cars and trucks after being inspired by the convoy protests in Canada.

Police Assistant Commissioner Richard Cham-bers told reporters eight officers were admitted to a local hospital after the confrontation, suffering inju-ries like broken bones and lacerations. All had since been released. Chambers said about 100 protesters had been ar-rested since Wednesday — suspected of crimes like trespassing, causing damage and theft — and a sig-nificant investigation would follow.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern took a tour of the damage, saying the grounds looked and smelled like a dump.—AP


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