New Turkish projects


The Turkish state-run aid agency will be starting almost fifty new projects in Pakistan during the current year with focus on the development of education, health and agriculture sectors.

The Agency’s Program Coordinator for Pakistan Muhsin Balci, in a statement, said that Pakistan is full of talent and it gives us immense pleasure to give technical support to the brotherly nation.

The very remarks by Balci area clear indication of the close and cordial relations that exists between Pakistan and Turkey and these definitely have steadily improved under the leadership of PM Imran Khan and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The new Turkish projects undoubtedly are in critical areas as improvement in these sectors is important for Pakistan for socio-economic development.

The fact of the matter is that both the countries have always been supporting each other in times of conflict and crisis as well at international level.

The people of Pakistan can never forget the firm stand taken by the Turkish leadership on Kashmir dispute and extending all out support to Pakistan in the FATF.

Undoubtedly, Turkey has always been the key ally of Pakistan in whatsoever the situation befalls.

Pakistan, on the other hand, also stood by Turkey in its conflicts with the neighbouring countries, and has always extended full support to it.

The cooperation between the two states further goes on to the economic and strategic level as well.

In February last year, both the countries signed a Strategic Economic Framework which entails cooperation in a broad spectrum of areas including science and technology, education, tourism, health and defence.

We are confident that with greater engagement, implementation on this framework will be ensured in order to develop a strong economic partnership.

We will suggest that Pakistan should also invite and include Turkish companies in CPEC-related projects, especially their investment in SEZs be encouraged in addition to energy and transit infrastructure.

Since both countries are eager for their publics to forge a connection, they should also create more people-to-people exchanges, such as student exchange programs, conferences focused on public-private partnerships and workshops aimed at encouraging start-ups.


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