Nearly half of Europeans consider climate change as main global threat for EU


Almost half of the Europeans sees climate change as the main future threat to residents of the European Union, according to a poll cited by the European Parliament on Wednesday.

“Almost every second European (49%) sees climate change as the main global challenge for the future of the EU,” the parliament said in a state-ment, citing a public opinion survey by Euro-barometer. As many as 91% out of the EU youth aged 15-24 are convinced that curbing climate change will boost their health and well-being.

In addition, 34% of respondents picked health as the global threat to the EU, and around 30% chose forced migration and displacement.

When asked about the most acute challenges for the EU itself, 36% Europeans mentioned social inequalities, 32% outlined unemployment, other 32 % climate-linked issues, and 31% named migration issues.

The survey was commissioned jointly by the European Parliament and the European Commission and was conducted between September 16 and Oc-tober 17 of last year with 26,530 respondents in all 27 EU states.—Agencies


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