Nangarhar produces 516 tons of peanuts in this solar year



Farmers and traders in eastern Nangarhar province say peanut yields have increased since March, compared to last year’s harvest.

Local officials say peanut crops were planted on 240 hectares of land in different districts of Nangarhar province this solar year, and produced 516 tons of peanuts.

Farmers and traders say they are happy that their yields have risen, adding that the local market is also good. However they said they hope they will soon be able to export their produce.

Nangarhar Agriculture Department officials say peanut cultivation has increased in the province and the roasting and processing systems have also improved. Many roasting ovens have been built in Jalalabad city to provide employment to people.

He said efforts through the ministries of agriculture and economy were underway to explore markets for fresh and dried fruits in foreign countries.—Ariana news