Families affected by conflicts in Helmand seek compensation



A number of families of the victims of airstrikes by British forces in Helmand province are seeking for justice and compensation.

Haji Gul Agha, a member of a victim’s family, said British forces airstrike killed 46 of his relatives and neighbors in a single day.

“46 people were martyred in this area and we buried 36 of them here,” Gul Agha said.

“Our first demand is that this person should be brought to justice and our losses should be taken from this person,” said Shir Agha, a relative of the victims.

“We ask the world to bring to justice the person who did this injustice to us and pay our damages,” said Abdullah, another relative of the victims.

Abdul Wajid, a resident of Gereshk district in Helmand, said British forces’ airstrike killed 45 people there, including seven members of his family.

“The plane turned again and attacked the area. The area was full of children and women,” Abdul Wajid, a relative of the victims.

People who were killed fifteen years ago by a British forces airstrike are buried in a mass grave in Gereshk district.

Local authorities in Helmand asked international courts to investigate violations British forces committed in the province.

“If there is any institution, we want them to fully probe the incident,” said Mohammad Qasim Riaz, spokesman for Helmand governor.

Earlier, some of the relatives of victims of conflicts in Helmand and Uruzgan provinces demanded justice.—Tolo news