Mental illness cases on the rise in Herat



Health officials in Herat said that the number of patients with mental illness has surged in the province in recent months.

At least 80 percent of the patients are women from nearly 100 people who visit the hospital on a daily basis, said Qadem Mohammadi, head of the mental health ward in Herat’s provincial hospital.

Patients said that economic problems and domestic violence are key reasons behind increased mental illness among the people.

“I experience the signs one after another and I don’t know what happens next,” said Mah Jan, a patient.

Doctors said that the majority of patients are treated by consultations from psychologists, but some are admitted due to severe symptoms.

Figures show that at least 400 patients were admitted to the mental health ward in Herat’s provincial hospital last month.

“Women make up half of society and if they return to their education and work, it will be good for them,” said Mohammad Shafiq Omar, a doctor.

Lack of jobs, family problems and the closure of schools and universities for women are seen as the main reasons for mental illness.

Doctors warned that the number of people with mental illness will increase if the situation continues.—Tolo news