NAB’s positive initiative


PROVIDING a fearless environment for business activities and investment for the revival of the country’s sagging economy is very important and every institution in this regard has a role to play.
It is heartening to note that Chairman NAB Javed Iqbal is treading the path to offset the fear of harassment and intimidation of entrepreneurs at the hands of anti-graft body’s officials. In yet another positive initiative, the Chairman NAB has announced formation of a four-member Committee of business community at the federal level in order to address the problems of the business community. Indeed the Committee will help the businessmen sit with the NAB’s officials, table their concerns and get them addressed immediately. Following reports that the Bureau’s anti-corruption campaign is crippling the economy, hampering investment and causing administrative inertia, Javed Iqbal had taken some immediate steps to restore confidence of the businessmen. These included constitution of a special desk for businessmen at the NAB Headquarters besides announcing that no cases pertaining to income tax or sales tax against members of the business community will be pursued by the anti-graft body. These steps were widely appreciated by the businessmen. Indeed, no compromise should be made on the accountability drive but such an environment should not be created that hinders economic activity in the country. The business community has an important role to take forward the country on sustainable development and create job opportunities. The fact of the matter is that the prosperity of traders will lead to the prosperity of Pakistan and we expect all the institutions, including NAB, will play their role while keeping this fact in mind. On Tuesday, NAB also decided to initiate inquiry against PTI Secretary General Amir Mahmood Kiani for his alleged role in increase in the drug prices. Though the inquiry should have been ordered much earlier but we expect it will now be taken to logical conclusion without any delay. This will also help do away with the impression that the NAB is only being used as a tool to target the political opponents of present government. NAB must continue its accountability campaign impartially with focus on bringing the cases to logical conclusion at the earliest.

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