My pet virus



THE world and everything around has used the term virus confined to COVID-19 more than communication channels can handle or for that matter the human capacity to get battered with can. We all seem frozen in time with a mental block that has one thing to go around. So in the end analysis all that is warranted is individual isolation and submissive compliance by whoever is calling the shots. There are no options and no choices to exercise any flexibility. Shut up, stay put and put up with the order of the day! This is the grand slam by whoever has cast the spell onto the global population and we seem quite helpless with the predicament. More. We have no clue who got this going and why and worse we can do jack even if we did discover the culprit. At the present juncture and at this point in time we simply have to worry about dear life and forget the bravado of punitive retaliation. It is a fact that viruses that are not natural are manufactured and the history has a paper trail of their occurrence almost every decade. Like all conventional war machines and weapon programs biological warfare has been around for a while and so have been weapons there related to. The desired objectives of globalisation, of one government, one currency and the rule of the satanic cult that has carved this grandiose agenda is no secret and is well publicised. This diabolic agenda has over centuries fallen short of the goalpost recurrently because there has been competition resisting a unipolar world order. The validity of this madness as a doctrine is so utterly ridiculous and primitive that it even defies the evolutionary process of the human species and civilisation. The virus that does make sense is global literacy and basic standards for subsistence for all who are born and inhabit this earth. The world was never created for greed and if the legacy of piratesthat has evolvedintothe world order today, remainsintactthen we can swiftly predict the end of the world. This end, by sociological arithmetic, will never be peaceful and popular resistance will suck the perpetrators down with those being sacrificed. This is a given and the idiots who want all for themselves will indeed get nothing from the loot. It is like reversing the course of civilisation by economic bankruptcy wherethe absence of consumers will destroy production and scientific progression. Even if one considers the evolution of man from a cell to the current form over many many years we will indeed block the next level of evolution which should carry this species into a state of conscious existence. The myopic desires based on religious, economic, technological, cultural and racial supremacy are so vividly impotent that pursuing them is like chasing a water bubble. It is time that the world leaders who are still not infected by the virus wake up to futuristic thoughts and neutralize these diabolic designs of pirates who have found new means to further their trade. The weapons to use are really not kalashnikovs they are economic isolation and material research. This is for those who will refuse to merry-go-round. — Thewriteris an entrepreneur and author of the book Current Chronicles based in Karachi.

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