Mushaal urges Pakistan to adopt more concrete policy on Kashmir Punjab governor says issue should be resolved according to UN resolution


Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar said that India’s blunder of war with Pakistan will prove to be its death.
He expressed these views while addressing a seminar on Kashmir at Lahore Press Club (LPC) and in his message on the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity Day on Tuesday. Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ), Punjab Union of Journalists (PUJ), LPC and Electronic Media Reporters Association (EMRA) jointly organised the seminar which was also attended by Hurriyat leader Mushaal Malik and a large number of journalists.
The governor said Narendra Modi was hurling mere threats as he did not forget Pakistan’s befitting response on February 27, 2019 and he cannot even think of an attack on Pakistan. Kashmiris were resisting Indian’s tanks and guns with pebbles. No doubt, Kashmiri brothers and sisters were striving to defend Pakistan’s jugular vein. Prime Minister Imran Khan as true ambassador of Kashmiris, was fighting for their cause effectively in the world.
Sarwar said, “I pay glowing tribute to Kashmiri mothers, sisters, daughters, brothers and children on their continuous and peaceful struggle for freedom.” He said that India has now vehemently exposed to the world due to its controversial Citizenship Act and 184 days of curfew in occupied Kashmir and today, there were protest demonstrations against Narendra Modi all across India, while five Indian states’ assemblies have also passed resolutions against extremist policies of Narendra Modi.
For the first time, six resolutions against India and in favour of Kashmiris have been presented in the European Parliament and the tainted face of India has been exposed to the world community. Pakistan was expediting war against India on diplomatic front under which we will send parliamentary and other delegations to the entire world as well as raise voice against Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir and injustices with Indian Muslims.
He said that Narendra Modi was hurling mere threats as he will not repeat the mistake of attack on Pakistan, asserting that 220 million Pakistanis were standing beside Pakistan armed forces and any misadventure by India will be reciprocated in befitting manner. ‘We are ready to render even supreme sacrifices for freedom of Kashmiris.
Hurriyat leader Mushaal Malik said that no doubt, Pakistan’s government, armed forces, political parties and all the Pakistanis were standing firm with Kashmiris, and time has now come to expedite our struggle against India. She urged the Prime Minister Imran Khan and Punjab governor to send delegations all over the world to expose Indian tyrannies, besides exerting diplomatic pressure on India for settlement of Kashmir issue and stoppage of aggression in occupied Kashmir.
“I spared my life for Kashmir and I am proud of fighting for freedom of Kashmiri brothers and sisters. Indian government unleashed atrocities on my husband, Yasin Malik, to silence his voice but he still determined for Kashmiris’ freedom,” she added.
Mushaal Malik said that India was planning to convert occupied Kashmir into ‘Mini India’ and Pakistan should come up with more concrete policy on Kashmir to put pressure on India at global level to settle down Kashmir issue in accordance with the UNO resolutions.
No issue was bigger than Kashmir issue for Pakistan and every Pakistani was with Kashmiris.
Speaking on this occasion, LPC President Arshad Ansari, senior journalist Salman Ghani and PFUJ Secretary General Rana Muhammad Azeem also pledged to play active role in the freedom struggle of Kashmiri brothers and sisters. They were of the view that durable peace cannot be restored in the region and the world till freedom of Kashmir. Journalists’ community is also ready to render every sacrifice for liberation of Kashmiris, they vowed.