Murgha Kibzai always kept backward, laments Mitha Khan Kakar


Rafiullah Mandokhail


Advisor to Chief Minister Balochistan on Livestock and Dairy Development Mitha Khan Kakar has said that it is his mission to put the backward areas on the path of development. Murgha Kibzai has always been neglected and kept backward for the last three decades. He was addressing different public gatherings in Gosa Kibzai, Zakaryazai, Barwali and Shamamzai Kibzai areas during his first visit after winning the provincial assembly seat. He was warmly welcomed on his arrival. A traditional turban was also placed on his head. The contractor-turned-politician further said that the people of Kibzai area are suffering a lot. In order to minimize their grievances and overcome their problems, priority would be given to their long standing demands. All the educational intuitions in the area would be made fully functional and facilitated.

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