Moeed rejects story of ‘The Times’ Seeks clarification


The National Security Adviser (NSA) Office has demanded a US based Journal ‘The Times’ a clarification and retraction from it’s misleading and frivolous interpretation of NSA Dr Moeed Yusuf’s interview with journalist Christina Lamb.

In a media release issued on Sunday, the NSA said that a story titled “Work with the Taliban or Repeat the Horror of the 1990s, West Told,” authored by Christina Lamb was published in The Times on August 28, 2021 which wrongly interpreted his interview.

“Risk a second 9/11 if you don’t recognize Af-ghanistan’s new leaders, Pakistan’s national security adviser warns”, the story’s sub-title reads.

This connotation was fabricated and total wrongly attributed to the National Security Adviser. The statement said it is a gross mischaracterization of the conversation that took place between Ms. Lamb and the NSA.

At no point did he state that the West should “immediately recognize” the Taliban, as the article states. Nor was there any “warning” of a second 9/11 linked to formal “recognition” of the Taliban.—INP

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