Modi’s delusion


PAKISTAN on Tuesday “categorically rejected” the remarks made by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi about India-occupied Jammu & Kashmir during a public rally in Gujarat, saying his narrative was not only false and misleading but also reflected “how oblivious the Indian leadership has become of the ground realities in IIOJK”.

Modi, at a rally in Gujarat on Monday, claimed that he had somehow “resolved the Kashmir issue”.

Reacting to his remarks, the Foreign Office called out the Indian leader for making “delusional statements about having resolved the dispute unilaterally, the Indian leadership must deliver on their commitments to the Kashmiris”.

The latest claims of the Indian Prime Minister are in continuation of the countless attempts made by New Delhi since partition of the sub-continent to hoodwink the international public opinion over the lingering dispute of Jammu and Kashmir.

The international community gave its verdict on the issue by demanding that the dispute should be resolved through a UN-supervised plebiscite, which India has been avoiding for over seven decades.

Instead, it has tried, in vain, to convey to the world that the so-called elections in the occupied territory are a substitute to the right of self-determination.

However, the very fact that the issue remains unresolved at the agenda of the world body is a stark reminder that it has to be resolved in accordance with the aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

That the world community has not and would not buy the Indian propaganda was highlighted by what the German Foreign Minister said last week while addressing a joint press stake out with her Pakistani counterpart Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

The German official acknowledged her country had a “role and responsibility with regard to the situation in Kashmir” while seeking “the engagement of the United Nations to find peaceful resolutions in the region.

” Propaganda notwithstanding, Modi cannot brush aside the fact that there are three parties to the Kashmir conflict – Pakistan, India and Kashmiris and therefore, unilateral and draconian measures can only be termed as self-consolation and nothing more.

This is also borne out by the severe reaction that Kashmiris showed to the so-called ‘solution’ of the problem, which has been completely rejected by them and the severity of the reaction forced Modi to impose longest ever curfew and clamp down on the occupied territory.

Similarly, the world is also not convinced of the Indian propaganda to declare the legitimate freedom struggle as ‘terrorism’ and has repeatedly expressed its concern over gross human rights violations in the occupied region.

Only self-determination is the solution and India will have to give this right to Kashmiris for the sake of sustainable regional peace, security and stability.



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