Modi targets Amnesty Intl


Fascist Modi government is not ready to listen and tolerate any dissenting voices and the ones exposing its ugly face. One saw its manifestation on Friday again when the Indian officials raided the offices of renowned human rights group Amnesty International on trumped up charges of foreign funding from the UK, which indeed is condemnable and reprehensible and amounts to silencing those who dare to speak for the rights of oppressed and deprived segments of the society.
Amnesty international is a non-governmental UK based organization which is always credited for keeping a close eye on the human rights situation in the world. The way Amnesty international has exposed the ugly and evil face of Modi government and drawn attention towards human rights violations in India as well as the occupied Kashmir is really something that should be appreciated. Back in September, it had launched a special campaign calling on the Indian PM to lift the inhuman military curfew in occupied Kashmir that in fact has crippled the lives of millions of Muslims since August. The Indian investigation into the funding sources of the human rights group is nothing but a pressure tactic being employed by the Modi government to stop the group from highlighting grave human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir. The question is that the group, supported by peoples and organizations around the world for the noble cause, has been operational in India over the last five decades or so and why did the Indian government not raise any questions on its funding before. This smacks of foul play. Anyway we are confident that such tactics will not deter the rights group from its work and it will continue to stand up and speak for the rights of oppressed Kashmiri people as well as the plight of minorities in India. It is also responsibility of other human rights groups to call a spade a spade on the Indian oppressive policies.

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