MNS gets relief


An important judgment came from Lahore High Court on Saturday which allowed former Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif to travel abroad for four weeks for medical treatment. The duration could be extended based on his medical reports.
Given the precarious health condition of the former Prime Minister who is suffering from multiple complications, everybody was anticipating that the relief will be given to him. The high court definitely gave the judgment purely on humanitarian grounds. The judgment should not be taken as a win or loss of any party and no more politics should be done on it. It would have been far better if the two parties had sorted out the matter outside the court, for which the honourable court also provided them an opportunity on Saturday. Anyway, the fact is that the government never opposed Nawaz Sharif’s travel abroad on medical grounds, but it needed some legal grounds as the name of any convict cannot be removed from the ECL (Exit Control List) under the rules. In lieu of the indemnity bond demanded by the government, the Sharif Family has submitted the undertaking before the high court that the former Prime Minister will return home once his health stabilizes. The undertaking also binds the Sharif Family to send the periodical medical reports of Nawaz Sharif duly notarized by the embassy to the registrar of the high court. The court was also very categorical that contempt of court proceedings may be started against the former PM if the Sharif Family did not honour the commitment made in the undertaking. Since the court has sought sufficient guarantees, there is no need for the federal government to further drag this case and challenge it in the superior court. Whilst accepting the judgment, it should immediately remove the name of Nawaz from the ECL and allow it to travel abroad for treatment. This will also be a good political gesture and also help lower rising political temperature in the country. Then most importantly justice also warrants that other prisoners are also treated with the same concerns for his/her health. As regards the corruption cases of high profile personalities are concerned, these must continue and taken to logical conclusion at the earliest so that the people themselves could see the truth.

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