Modi silent!


WHILST Prime Minister Imran Khan is widely being praised even by the opponents for strongly presenting Pakistan’s case in the US, there is complete fury and uproar in our neighbouring India over the US President Donald Trump’s offer of mediation on Kashmir and the statement he attributed to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the lingering dispute.
As always the Indian media is leading the hate hysteria. It is strongly criticizing the remarks of the US President whilst the opposition parties in the Indian Parliament are also on the rampage and are seeking Narendra Modi’s explanation on the whole matter. It is surprising that Modi who often appears active on his twitter account is resorting to complete silence, which is not understandable. Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar while speaking in Parliament only reiterated India’s position that all outstanding issues with Pakistan will be discussed bilaterally. Not satisfied with the response, the opposition parties walked out of Parliament. There is no doubt that India has always opposed any sort of third party mediation on Kashmir dispute despite Pakistan’s openness for that. But the way the US President Donald Trump repeated the conversation he had had with the Indian Prime Minister on Kashmir dispute and mediation is something which cannot be ignored. He is after all the President of the US and sitting on such an important and responsible position, nobody can expect him to fabricate or concoct things. There is a possibility that the US President misunderstood what Modi said to him. Anyway this confusion will only subside only if the Indian Prime Minister himself comes up with the clarification and the norms of diplomacy also demand the same. Anyway this uproar in India itself has once against highlighted the significance of the resolution of Kashmir dispute. Prime Minister Imran Khan also deserves appreciation for effectively and forcefully raising the Kashmir dispute during his talks with the US President as well as during his other engagements in Washington. This process must continue, as it will ultimately force New Delhi to come on the table of negotiations with Pakistan to find a durable solution of the outstanding dispute. There is nothing wrong and India should not object to it if countries such as the US are willing to offer their good offices for mediation.