Modi- Butcher of Gujarat



THE remarks made by Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari at a news briefing in New York that Osama Bin Laden is dead but the Butcher of Gujarat and the Prime Minister of India is still alive has unnecessarily irked the Indian side as whatever has been stated by FM Bilawal is a fact which cannot be brushed under the carpet.

Given the fascism, extremism and terrorism perpetrated by Modi, he can rightly be equated with any terrorist.

We believe that there is a dire need to continue to expose the evil face of Modi at every available platform.

During his tenure as Gujarat Chief Minister, Modi had allowed the mass genocide of Muslims which resulted in the massacre of at least two thousand Muslims.

This is not an allegation as a senior police officer in his statement to India’s Supreme Court stated that Modi had deliberately allowed anti-Muslim riots in the State.

The Western countries had also condemned the then Chief Minister and the US even denied a visa to him.

Even after his election to the slot of Prime Minister, Modi has not shunned its anti-Muslim policies and this is the reason that fears are being expressed at the international level about the genocide of Muslims in India.

Delhi riots which claimed lives of many Muslims after the breakout of Covid-19, several controversial laws against Muslims and the Muslims being denied the right to practise their religion is all happening under Modi’s government.

The Indian people and leaders themselves call Modi a butcher.

Hence the very reaction of the Indian External Affairs Ministry on Bilawal Bhutto’s remarks is out of place and carries no weight but rather has reminded once again the atrocities that Modi committed and continues to commit even today.

Nothing good can be expected from a butcher like Modi as he only believes in extreme Hindu nationalism.

He wants to turn India into a Hindu State where there is no place for the followers of any other religion.

It is also for the other world leaders including those in the Muslim world to speak openly against Modi’s extremist policies and hold him accountable for the crimes he is committing against Muslims.