Modi administration almost doomed India and yet his survival is baffling

Salahuddin Haider

THE BJP government of Nirendera Modi’ success in last elections, was indisputably beyond his own expectations, his party won nearly 350 seats, when his own supporters were expecting not more than 282.

But the policy pursued by the present prime minister and his RSS philosophy had brought India to pit’s edge.

Over the last five years, Modi’s government has been roundly and repeatedly criticized. The economy was hit, jobs were lost, farm distress rose, national security was breached, corruption charges were made, and communal violence peaked.

The enduring images of India under Modi’s rule were damning: farmers marching in the streets, people crying in endless ATM lines after the prime minister withdrew cash from the economy, Muslims asking Hindu mobs for mercy, widows of paramilitary soldiers crying over their corpses.

The party would have to pay—or, at least, that was the common wisdom in New Delhi.

The BJP’s cyber warriors also create and spread fake news and vile propaganda.

Most of this false information is meant to mobilize Hindus against Muslims, with imagined revelations about the Muslim roots of the main opposition leader, Rahul Gandhi, and supposed news reports about Congress’s endorsement of Pakistan-aided terrorism in Kashmir.

And as the BJP’s campaign progressed, it became more divisive. In April, Modi uttered the word “Hindu” 13 times in a single speech.

He said Hindus have “woken up” and insisted that Hindus have never engaged in terrorism.

The next week, his party put up as one of its key candidates a woman actually charged with planning a terrorist attack that killed 10 Muslims in 2008.

This religious polarization follows a simple logic. Hindus make up 80 percent of India’s electorate, and if they can be persuaded to set aside their multiple other identities—caste, class, region, food, language—and vote as Hindus alone, then a party can stay in power for as long as it likes. with its supposedly greatest territorial enemy, Pakistan.

All Hindus—distressed farmers, jobless youths, oppressed Dalits, businessmen skeptical of the BJP’s economic policies—were called upon to forget their circumstances and vote for their nation. Many of them did, and they made history.f cookies.

This use includes personalization of content Modi government has failed in handling the COVID-19 situation and has played havoc with the lives of Indian people. Indian public and opposition parties have severely criticized the Modi government.

Facebook by taking the content off against Modi is biased towards the Indian government. Modi government has failed to perform and save lives of Indian people against COVID-19.
BJP is trying to hide the inefficiency by blocking the social media content.

Indian government has become an absolute authoritarian government. India is cracking down on human rights activists.

The BJP has made border nationalism synonymous with Hindu consolidation and sought to link the country’s largest religious minority—Muslims make up 14 percent of the electorate—

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