PTI vows to challenge NA-249 result

Observer Report

PTI Karachi chapter has rejected the result of NA-249 by-poll terming it fraudulent and accused the Election Commission of Pakistan of changing the outcome.

PTI President, Karachi chapter, Khurram Sher Zaman said this while holding a press conference at Insaaf House, Karachi, along with general secretary Saeed Afridi and PTI defeated candidate Amjad Afridi on Friday.

He said PTI did not accept the result of NA-249 and it would challenge the result in a court of law.

He alleged that ECP officials were involved in the alteration of election result and demanded an investigation into the properties of ECP officials. He alleged money was used to get the desired results.

Zaman said the PTI demanded not to hold election in the month of Ramazan and the dismal turnout was due to Ramazan. He said rising Covid-19 cases also deterred voters to come out and cast their ballots.

He was of the view that ECP which ignored pleas to delay the by-poll was responsible for the spread of corona virus in the province.

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