Modernisation of ICT Police


EVER since assuming the office of Interior Ministry by Rana Sanaullah, a visible change is being seen as regards the performance and outlook of the capital police.

The incumbent Interior Minister has gone an extra mile to meet requirements of the police.

This has given further boost and confidence to the morale of the police personnel – something which is required by the force to deliver duties on professional lines with full vigilance and thus live up to the expectations of the people. Firstly, the Interior Minister is ensuring that the police department gets the required funds.

This indeed is very pivotal for the force to carry out their day to day affairs. The focus really appears to be on the modernization of police.

A hefty amount was spent in the past for the Safe City project but most of its cameras had been lying dysfunctional since long.

The government is targeting to enhance its coverage to one hundred percent from thirty percent in a matter of months.

The good thing is that the government has at its disposal the services of IGP Akbar Nasir Khan who previously successfully implemented Lahore Safe City project which is proving to be a successful project and helpful for crime detection, traffic management as well as its enforcement in the city.

We are confident that the same model of Safe City will be replicated in the capital as well in order to fully benefit from its functions.

The fact of the matter is that the incumbent IGP is also pursuing a comprehensive package of reforms in police to further improve its performance which ultimately will earn respect for the uniform.

For instance, he has merged the patrolling system of the city through the introduction of Police Unified Communication and Response as this system was earlier under the control of each zone and police station.

Now under the new system the Eagle Squads promptly responds on the call of PUCAR-15 and acts as a first responder.

The FIR of any incident is now registered on the spot and its copy provided to the complainant.

This modern and refined system will really help in ensuring friendly police ecology.

In addition, the specialized training courses are being arranged for the capacity building of officers.

Nasir Khan, a graduate of Harvard Kennedy School, who was previously working as DG NACTA Monitoring, Evaluation and Capacity Building has provided much needed impetus to Islamabad police team and we are confident that under his leadership fully backed by the Interior Minister, the force will be made a model for other cities to emulate.


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