Mian Aslam, Cheema say no corruption proved against Imran



Senior Provincial Minister Mian Aslam Iqbal said that those thinking to minus Imran Khan from the Pakistani politics live in a fool’s paradise and the state always get damaged by employing the unnatural minus one practice. Everyone should know that Imran Khan is a reality and the politics of Pakistan revolves around him.

The Senior Provincial Minister while doing a press conference at the DGPR office categorically stated that there is no allegation of corruption of even a single penny against Imran Khan while the whole leadership of PDM is soaked with corruption. The leadership of the PML-N built palaces abroad by minting the money of ‘Qarz Utaro Mulk Sanwaro’ and the corrupt PML-N has made the lives of the people miserable by increasing the prices of electricity, petrol and essential edibles.

The rulers afraid of getting defeated postponed the by-elections by making an excuse of flood. The nation is standing with Imran Khan and comes out of their houses on his single voice. Imran Khan is the voice of the farmers, labourers and the whole nation which cannot be quelled. The people have seen the face of the imported government which became a tool of the external powers to topple an elected government. If PTI comes into power then it will start the accountability process of the corrupt gang from where it halted.

He said that those claiming of having the formula to reform the economy have turned the wheel of the national economy standstill. No one is willing to invest in Pakistan due to the corrupt PMLN government and the factories are shutting down due to highly excessive electricity rates adding that the labourer is getting unemployed.

Senior Provincial Minister apprised that only 20 factories were established during the period from 2008 to 2018 while 275 big factories were established during our tenure of government.1450 small factories were established in the small industrial estates across the province.

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