Riphah International University announces Rs10m funds for flood relief


First convoy reached Charsadda for relief and medical camp

The Chancellor of Riphah International University-RIU, Muhammad Hassan Khan has announced 10 Million PKR to the “Flood Relief and Rehabilitation Initiative (FRRI)” Program launched by the university to help flood affectees of Pakistan.

The main objective of the FRRI Program is to start rehabilitation of the designated areas aming to start with relief and will focus on the rehabilitation in coming days. FRRI is the joint project of Riphah International University students, faculty members, and university staff in helping flood affectees through donations camps established in different campuses of University.

The “Flood Relief and Rehabilitation Initiative” by Riphah International University is targeting the flood affectees of Charsadda & Malakand, and is working to provide them with immediate relief and later will help them in the rehabilitation process too. The flood relief campaign in full swing through its Student Services Department and Riphah Social Welfare Department and students clubs and society. The first convoy of Relief Goods reached Charsadda yesterday containing 100 food bags for families and 50 bags for children, 400 packages of clothes, and 30 packages of blankets and shoes. The food packages have dry products like flour, rice, cooking oil, pulses, sugar, tea, milk, etc. The students of Riphah International University distributed the packages and monitored the whole process so everyone could be facilitated.

Extending the services of the “Flood Relief and Rehabilitation Initiative, FRRI”, the Riphah Healthcare Services sent a medical team containing qualified doctors and volunteer students to Charsadda to establish a free medical camp. In this medical camp, free of cost medical treatment provided to flood affectees. The Doctors treated the viral infections and diseases resulting from the flood water accumulation. With treatments, the medical camp distributed free medicines to the people and guide them about the preventive measures that can help them avoid these infections that can spread with time.

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