Members of Jogi minority group call for rights



Members of the Jogi ethnic minority group living in the capital city of Kabul complained that they are not provided with basic rights or basic living neces-sities.

The Jogi are an ethnic minority group whose roots are from the Central Asian states. They do not have national identity cards and are deprived of access to education and other basic rights, including property, they said.

Abdul Wahab is a member of the Jogi who has been living in the capital Kabul for nearly 24 years. He said that the Jogi ethnic minority has not received attention from the Afghan government.

“During the past three and four governments–no one gave us shelter. We have a bad life. No one gave us land. We are destroyed,’ he said.

Mohammad Sabir, who was working as the repre-sentative of the Jogi ethnic group in the Kabul mu-nicipality during the former government, said that he was dismissed after the Islamic Emirate swept into power.

“I was appointed as representative of the people (Jogi). This is my ID. My documents are legal. I started working as representative of Jogi. If they want me to share my documents, I will. I was active in the former government, but I was dismissed after the Islamic Emirate swept into power,” he said.

However, the Kabul municipality said that Sabir was fired because he was not qualified for the posi-tion.

“The person that you have asked about was dis-qualified as a local representative. This person has no property, which is one of the conditions to be a representative. He is not educated,” said Nimatullah Barakzai, a spokesman for the Kabul municipality.

But the government said that it has been trying to address the problems of displaced people.

“We are aware of the issues–some of the displaced are in a critical condition in Kabul city, including those who live in the hills in Kabul and around Ka-bul city. Their problems will be addressed,” Islamic Emirate’s spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid, said. There is no exact information about the number of people with Jogi ethnicity living in Afghanistan. m Due to lack of national identity cards, the Jogi lack access to education, they said.—Agenceis


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