Meghan Markle’s post as patron of National Theatre in trouble



Meghan Markle seems to have more to worry about than just finding financial stability due to a major issue surrounding Megxit which might leave the former royal couple high and dry.
One issue which holds high precedence is Meghan’s role as a royal patron of the National Theatre. The institution now faces an extreme jeopardizing situation, ever since the former Sussex royal bid farewell.
The title which was previously held by Queen Elizabeth II for almost 45 years was later passed down to Meghan more than a year ago in January of 2019. The Queen also passed down her patronage to the Association of Commonwealth Universities to the former Duchess at the same time.
Now that Meghan has bid adieu to royal life, the theatre itself stands at a questionable stand still. Theatre personnel are slowly beginning to question Markle’s commitment as time goes on.
Owner of the Nimax Group of theaters in London’s West End, Nic Burns told The Sun, “I think we should give Meghan until Easter to say what she thinks is possible with her patronage.”
“We have to give her a chance, forget who she is and give her some space,” Burns added. “If she is not going to be doing any work with the National, then she should step down. But as she is a role model, we would rather she didn’t.”
The head honchos of the theatre were also very angered when Meghan had visited them last, only moments before news of her departure broke loose, yet she acted in a way she seemed completely normal, the British tabloid reported.—AP

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