Mayor of PTI in Karachi to come with full mandate: Khurram


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader KhurramSherZaman welcomed the decision of the Election Commission regarding the local elections and said that the decision of the Election Commission on the request of MQM is welcome.

The decision is in favor of the people of Karachi Hyderabad, we hope that MQM will not leave the field after the decision.MQM has put a lot of pressure to destroy the rights of the people of Karachi, the people of Karachi have become aware of the motives behind their black faces, MQM’s efforts to postpone the elections have been shameful, on January 15, Karachi, Hyderabad.

In a statement thepeople of Karachi will support their real leader Imran Khan, PTI will be successful in the election by defeating all the political parties, the election commission is requested to conduct the elections under the supervision of the army, the political parties in Karachi will be hide and seek in the local body elections.

KhuramShirzaman said that those who play the tune of democracy are afraid of the people, Karachi needs a local government at this time, time has revealed the faces of Karachi enemies one after another, not even 10% has been spent on the city that gives 90% of the revenue. Jata, Karachi has always played an important role in running the country’s economy.

KhurramSherZaman said that the number of PTI candidates in the election is the highest, the PTI mayor in Karachi will come with the full mandate of the people, the PTI mayor will serve the city according to the ideology of his leader. In his response to the decision, Karachi President Bilal Ghaffar said that he appreciates the Election Commission’s decision to hold local elections on January 15.