Materialistic approach


It is a point of grave concern that Pakistani society is becoming more and more materialistic. This growing dangerous trend has been a cause of weakening our faith in Islamic values and principles. The mad race towards materialism is detracting our masses from the originality of Islamic teachings which demand from its followers simplicity, honesty, truthfulness, hard work, passion, fellow-feeling, tolerance, compassion, etc.
Besides, this evil approach has deviated our society from its original aim of life, i.e. seeking pleasure of Almighty Allah through doing works permissible in Islam. Our religion Islam has stressed upon creating a balance between materialism and spiritualism. Materialistic approach, at the cost of overlooking the spiritual aspect of life, is not acceptable to Islam. Living within the limits prescribed by Islam will only lead a person towards a successful life.
The tendency of materialism has isolated our society from the actual spirit of life and has pushed it towards selfishness. The approach of being a millionaire overnight by hook or by crook has left dangerous consequences for the Pakistani society. This tendency has compounded problems of the country in the form of murders, robberies, thefts, kidnappings, bomb explosions, feuds, etc.
Materialistic approach can only be done away with from our society only when we would recourse to Islamic values of life in a more serious and practical manner. Doing only what is permissible in Islam and avoiding that is forbidden will help us in achieving the real goals both in this world and in the hereafter.

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