Kashmir and the Western media


There have been more than seven decades that the innocent citizens of the India-occupied Kashmir (IoK) have been bearing the atrocities of more than eight lakh soldiers of the Indian Army. Their only crime is that they have been demanding from the Indian Central government their right of self-determination, as per the UN Resolutions. But, the successive Central governments at Delhi have completely ignored the genuine demand of the people of India-occupied Kashmir, by further intensifying their brutalities against the innocent Muslim men, women and children living in the occupied territory.
The worst situation in the whole scenario has been that during all these seven decades, the Western media have played a biased role by not reporting and showing the atrocities of the Indian soldiers against the innocent Kashmiris. It is perhaps because of the fact that the Western media have shown and reported only that which have suited to their vested interests.
Since it is the innocent Kashmiri Muslims who are suffering at the hands of Indian soldiers, therefore, the Western media is least interested in showing all this. The same media, however, would have certainly reported and shown all these atrocities of the Indian Central government and those of the Indian soldiers if the same would have been committed against the Christian or any other community other than Muslims.
It is time the Western media adopt a neutral approach by showing the atrocities of the Indian Central government in the IoK. It is time the Western media must report and show to their masses the truth that the innocent Kashmiris have been oppressed since the last seven decades by the ruthless Indian troops. The Western media must follow the maxim “injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere”.
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