Martin Dow partners with SOGP



Martin Dow and Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Pakistan (SOGP) recently partnered through a one-day symposium at a local in Multan to shed light on the “Taboos and Facts during Pregnancy and Early Childhood Development”.

The symposium organized by Martin Dow and SOGP played a significant role in highlighting the existing taboos and unwarranted perception of the masses which has drastically grasped the women’ dogma during the course of pregnancy in our society.

Martin Dow’s symposium has always been highly inclined towards breaking stereotypes and eradicating all kinds of taboos witnessed at the time of pregnancy and early childhood development.

Addressing the audience during the seminar, Fawad Abbasi, Director Business Unit, Martin Dow said “Martin Dow primarily believes that it is the need of the hour to get engaged with leading Healthcare Professionals (HCPs)in the field of Gynecology and to chalk out an effective plan by implementing a rational scientific evidence-based solution to this hurdle which comes in the way of pregnancy and at the time of early childhood development.

This symposium is devised to cover all major scientific practices that are significant during pregnancy while on the other side disregarding aspects that mislead patients and portray a negative impression which is prevailing all around at present.”

Martin Dow, being the 6th largest pharmaceutical group of Pakistan, is consistently rendering extraordinary healthcare services to the masses since decades through its innovative, technologically advanced practices and a pool of highly committed incumbents who play a dominant role in the growth, expansion, and long-term sustainability of the company in accordance with the vision of the Founding Chairman M. Jawed Akhai.


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