Marriyum dares Imran…. Name agencies that briefed you on PPP, PML-N’s ‘corruption’


Minister for Information Marriyum Aurangzeb on Friday challenged PTI chief Imran Khan to name the agencies and the people working in them who he claimed had briefed him on the PPP and PML-N alleged graft. “Who used to give you the reports? Who used to tell you all these things? Name them,” she pressed.

Aurangzeb’s statements come a day after the former premier claimed that the Inter-Services Intelligence used to tell him about the alleged corruption done by the two political parties. “I started believing that the establishment would act but that did not happen,” he said in a seminar.

He had also urged the “neutrals” — a term he uses for the military establishment — to review their policies while there was still time, adding that “decisions taken behind closed doors” were not in the country’s favour.

Addressing a news conference Friday, the information minister recalled that the PTI chief had passed similar comments regarding the appointment of Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja.

“You said the agency had given you guarantees about the CEC […] who had given you the guarantees? What did they say? And why were you receiving guarantees?”

And then, Aurangzeb continued, Imran said that he used to receive reports from agencies. “Did you ask for those reports? And who from the agencies gave you reports?

“Imran Khan sahab, stop this drama and lies. If you have the courage, tell us who from what agency used to give you reports on PPP and PML-N […],” she demanded. And reveal the guarantees that were given, she went on, asking if those guarantees involved not declaring Imran a “foreign agent or the PTI a foreign-funded party”.

Marriyum then said that Imran always levelled allegations on others all the while refusing to give answers himself, appear before courts, or provide evidence to back up those accusations.


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