Marri: India involved in Balochistan unrest


Observer Report


Overseas Pakistani Baloch Unity Chairman Dr Jumma Khan Marri has said that most of the terrorism and unrest in Balochistan has been created by Indian proxies.
“Pakistan has captured a serving Indian Naval commander who has confessed to New Delhi’s involvement in espionage and sabotage activities in Pakistan, especially in Balochistan,” the Blaoch leader said in his speech at a session of the United Nation Human Rights Council in Geneva.
“Thousands of innocent people have been killed in Pakistan due to India’s terrorist networks which use Afghanistan as a base for launching attacks,” he said.
Dr Jumma said security situation in Balochistan has improved in the recent months due to matchless efforts and sacrifices by the armed forces of Pakistan. He said the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a true game changer for Pakistan which will not only stimulate overall economy but also help provide job opportunities to the Baloch people.

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