LWMC’s special cleanliness operation in Wahga Town for Independence Day


Lahore waste management company is working effectively to maintain uniform standard of cleanli-ness across the city especially before Independence day. LWMC is providing special cleanliness facilities in at Wahga Border and adjoining areas followed by the special arrangements at recreational and public places.

In this regard LWMC conducted a special cleanliness operation in areas of Wahga Town i.e. Darogawala, Barki Gaon, Manawan, Main G.T Road, and Bedian Road, Jallo Mor near Wahga Town.

As per spokesperson LWMC, the department is working tirelessly to maintain the beauty of La-hore.

Special cleaning operations are being carried out in the major areas, roads and as well as in the rural areas.

In the last 24 hours, 6400 tons of waste has been collected from the city. 33 mini dumpers, 2 tractors, 4 loaders, 4 chain arm rolls and other vehi-cles took part in the special cleaning operation while more than 650 workers in three shifts performed their duties in the special cleaning activity.

In addition, CEO LWMC Rafia Haider has instructed all town managers to monitor the cleanup operation. Moreover, In view of Independence Day celebra-tions, special washing is being done on main roads and intersections. Cleaning operations were carried out on Mall Road, Liberty Chowk, Allah Ho Gol Chakar, Fort Road, Canal Road etc. CEO LWMC Rafia Haider further says that we have to make a commitment on Independence Day that we will always keep our city clean.

CEO LWMC Rafia Haider further said that along with supervision, all town managers should ensure the presence of sani-tary workers in the field.

The best service delivery is only possible with 100% attendance. Citizens are also requested to cooperate with LWMC and to keep Lahore clean. In case of any waste related issue citizens can always dial helpline 1139 or can use mobile based application Clean Lahore.


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