Loopholes in our education system

Shaukat Hayat

IRONICALLY we have turned a deaf ear and blind eyes to make headway in the field of education. The root cause of our failed and outdated education system is the elite class of society — who either send their children to the advanced educational institutions of foreign countries or get them admitted in O or A- level education institutions of the country. As against, the parents belonging to poor and middle class are compelled to admit their offspring in the government-run schools/colleges where the old methodology of teaching and outdated curriculum is still in vogue. So keeping in view this pathetic situation of our education sector; the time has come to introduce a uniform educational system throughout the country. Because for the child of a poor there is one system of education while for the rich and affluent ones there is another highest standard of education at international level.

It is also mentioned here that attainment of technical education is also being made essential and mandatory along with the traditional system of education in almost all countries of the world. Therefore the time has come to stress on the need to get technical education even from the school period. The technical education must be introduced from 6ht to 8the class in order to make a cap of skill and technical youth even from their school time. In this way although a student weak in English or Math might not be able to get success in traditional or regular education but at least be able to turn a skilful and professional person in life. So in the same line imparting technical or vocational knowledge and know-how like refrigeration, air conditioning, civil, electrical, mechanical and textile courses etc must be given after primary level. This trend or step in our education sector will not only create awareness regarding the importance of technical education in our students and youths but also will be helpful to make each and every member of our society as skilful and vocational people.

Right now we have a shortage of skilful and technical people in our country. Side by side there are ample job opportunities for the skilled and technical people in different technical fields of the world. Therefore it is the need of the hour to make arrangements slowly and gradually for setting up branches of technical education on an emergent basis and make it mandatory for each and every student to get technical education for three years at least after passing primary level of schooling.

Then the language factor is also a big hurdle and issue for the successful functioning of our educational system. Apart from the mother language, the national language, the textual language and the international language ie the English language has also to be learnt simultaneously by the child. The course up to metric level is mostly taught in Urdu which abruptly changed into English language at intermediate level or college level. Therefore it is required to impart education in only one language for the better and smooth learning and understanding of a child.

Similarly the lack of teaching staff and class rooms in most of the schools is also an added problem to be tackled by the relevant quarters. Often 80 to 120 students are accommodated in one class which is certainly difficult for a single teacher to manage and control the affairs of an overcrowded class of students at the same time. The number of students must be from 25 to 30 per class. So that not only the students take interest in their class but the teacher could also be able to teach them with much devotion and comfort.

Last but not the least the flawed system of examination prevailing upon for a very long time needs to be streamlined and overhauled. In all the government schools and colleges more or less 10 subjects are being taught to the students round the year. At the end of the year the students have to undergo examination within 10 to 15 days. A student, whatever may be his capacity in the subject, is deemed to be failed and disqualified if he is unable to ensure his presence in the paper due to some reason or compulsion. Thus his/her one precious academic year automatically gets wasted to this flawed system of examination. Therefore the annual system of examination needs to be converted into a semester system in the greater interest and benefits of the students. To sum up, it is necessary to bring about drastic changes in the all education system of our country.
—The writer is freelancer, based in Buner, KP

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