Long march date announcement on February 1st: Ahsan Iqbal


Ali Hassan

PML-N Secretary General Ahsan Iqbal has said that the PDM has not demanded the army chief to overthrow the government, they will overthrow the government with the help of peoples power.
He said that the date of the long march would be announced on February 1 and the PDM would lead it. All the parties of the PDM are united All the doors of interference in the politics of the establishment should be closed, the government is a guest for a few months, the FIA and the police should not tarnish their images for the sake of rulers.
Addressing a press conference along with Uzma Bukhari and Ataullah Tarar at the party’s central secretariat in Model Town, Ahsan Iqbal said that our long march is to save the country, tell us about 3 capable people in the cabinet who can be trusted by the nation. All these peoples can only blame others and they cannot run the government with this much performance.
He said that from yesterday’s interview with the Prime Minister, it seems that he is scared and intimidated. Now is the time to learn from the mistakes of 72 years. Politicians have learned this lesson and now the establishment too. We have to learn, if all the institutions do their own business, then this country will become a paradise. The real problem is that people leave their jobs and get involved in the work of others, which upsets the system. With self-accountability, the country can emerge from the current crisis.
He said that Pakistani politicians have always strengthened the country while martial law has always damaged the country. CPEC, Constitution and Gwadar like projects were done during political leadership governments while the country has suffered in martial law and undemocratic times. Politicians who came out during the 35 years of martial law include Zulfiqar Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto and others who raised the slogan of people’s rule which became their crime.
He said that the date of the long march would be announced on February 1 and the PDM would lead it. All the parties of the PDM are united. The Prime Minister used to say that if the opposition protested, I would give them containers and food. The Prime Minister used to say that if four people chanted the slogan of Go Imran Go, then I will go home. Imran Khan resorted to institutions to hide his humiliation and failure. It is a proven fact that your level is the leader of the container of D-Chowk, Imran Khan is a polarizing personality, can create abuses and chaos but cannot deliver. He said that the opposition was not fighting a war of power but a war of the people, inflation was touching its limits so the government should increase the salaries of government employees by 20% ad hoc.