Swati for making railways a good trade mark


Amraiz Khan

Federal Minister for Railways Azam Khan Swati has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has given him an important responsibility. There is nothing more important than human life and ‘My first priority is safe train operation’.
He expressed these views were while talking to media at Railway Headquarters here on Saturday. He said that letters have been written to the provincial governments in this regard. The media is a huge pillar of the state. If it does not monitor the activities of our ministry, if it does not point out negligence, it will never be able to improve this ruined railway.
Now Pakistan Railways is not a source of notoriety but insha’Allah we will make it a good trademark. I will give skills to the people for the work that we cannot do. My second priority will be human resources. Thousands and millions of people can improve their railways with a small force to improve their capacity through digital automation.
This is the model of the world. I am not going to evict people, I will give them skills. I will improve their capacity, the Federal Minister further said that we will improve the railways in such a way that people will get cheap travel, clean climate and their journey will be completed on time. When I boarded the train yesterday, a passenger told me that the train had arrived 10 minutes earlier because of you.
This is your and my railway, it should be improved. Railways must be developed and made a mark of honor. Our third priority is to strengthen the freight sector instead of passenger trains.
It will take time for us to make up for the billions of rupees we have lost so far. New engines, new bogies are coming. All these things are in the pipeline that Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has given us. Talking about the occupation mafia, he said that the railway lands will be handed over in any case.
I do not have societies in any city and I will not give up any occupation mafia because railway lands are more important than our personal property because it is the property of the nation. In response to a question, he said that railways are the backbone of our agriculture, industry and tourism.
I will take all possible steps for the betterment of the railways and I am also working on Sunday. I am thinking with my vision in mind and according to my mind I will bring them to completion.
I will improve this railway in the same way that a common man fixes its shortcomings in order to expand his business. Talking to the Railway Police, he said that IG Railway in his briefing on the improvement of Railway Police. Suggestions are offered.
I think there are some things within the railway police that we will outsource. We will also outsource a lot of things above the railway stations. Reputable companies from abroad will be given space to invest in Pakistan so that our foreign exchange will grow and the railways will also develop. We cannot run the entire railway, some parts of it have to be outsourced.
If they do not, they will suffer further losses. Railways will not be privatized and no employee will be fired but will work for the betterment of employees. Later, the Federal Minister for Railways visited Railway Walton Academy.
On the occasion, Additional General Manager Traffic Syed Mazhar Ali Shah and Director General Walton Academy Waqar Ahmad Shahid also briefed Railway Minister Azam Khan Swati on capacity building of Walton Academy and increasing the funds of the academy. The Railway Minister assured full cooperation and said that all possible help would be provided to increase the capacity building.