Logar students lack school buildings, classes not held when it rains



Lack of buildings are a main challenge for students in Logar. Teachers and students say that the lack of buildings and standard classrooms cause various challenges.

“Our classes are tight and small and not enough for all of us, when it rains we cannot study on those days,” said Mohammad Ismail, a student.

Meanwhile, some teachers in the province said that from past years until now more students have learned outdoors under the scorching sun and that is one of big problems for education in the province.

“It’s been ten years that we are faced with these challenges and we don’t have standard classes and buildings, and it’s been ten years that we are in a rental location,” Said Nasrat Ullah Nasrat, principal of Pashtun Abad primary school.

Some residents and students of Logar said the problem is serious and asked the government to repair the school’s buildings to improve and strengthen education.

We ask the government to make buildings and standard classes, and another problem is the lack of books, and for students we ask them to solve it,” said Mujahid Zahid, a teacher.

“With the help of parents’ personal money, we bought land that cost 650,000 Afs and gave it to the Department of Education,” said Haji Qutbuddin, a tribal elder.

On the other hand, officials of the education department of Logar province acknowledged there were challenges and said that from the collection of 275 schools, 90 of them do not have standard buildings and hundreds of them need to be rebuilt.

“We talk about solutions for the challenges with the aid agency and the head of of the Education Ministry to solve problems in the near future,” Said Mawlawe Jannat Gul, chief of the education department of Logar province.

Meanwhile, thousands of children were provided with teachers and other educational resources in the province of Logar, the provincial educational department said.

Many children in the rural areas of the province are deprived of education.

“We have 400 classrooms and we have appointed 400 teachers in all provinces of Logar,” said Mawlawi Janat Gul Aziz, head of the provincial department of education.

The classes are being supported by UNICEF in cooperation with IRC.

“The period of the classes taught in the villages is nine months each year and the period of quick classes is six months (twice each year),” said Mohammad Alam Ghalib, head of Wadan organization.

Meanwhile, the students are happy about their classes but called for further facilities in the education area.

The classes are being taught on the local level until grade three. “Our teacher teaches Islamic lessons. He teaches us Pashto and math,” said Marriam a student.

“I was not interested in the school. When the school began here, I became happy and thanked them,” said Noorzia, a student. The residents of Logar said that many children are deprived of schooling due to lack of access.

“There was war previously. Many children couldn’t go to school. All of them have been deprived of an education,” said Mohammad Jamshid, Zarinzoi.—Tolonews

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