2,000 displaced families to return to provinces: Ministry



Ministry of Repatriation and Refugees officials said two thousand displaced people will be returned to their provinces in cooperation with the United Nations.

Ahmad Ullah Hashemi, acting chief of the refugees’ department of Kabul, made the announcement.

“228 families are going this week on Wednesday, and we have plans to transfer 2,000 families to their provinces,” said Hashemi.

“We share lists of these displaced people with our provincial zones and after evaluations, $400 will be given to the needy and issues of housing, food aid and temporary shelter have been considered for them,” said Muhammad Arif Sadiqi, a representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Meanwhile, some displaced people said they are worried about homelessness and unemployment.

“In Faryab, there is no work and there is high poverty–now they transfer us, but I don’t know what will happen,” said Fatana, a displaced person.

They called for long-term support from aid agencies.

“We ask for long-term assistance, now they give us $200 dollars–half of that will be spent on the way, and a sack of flour and oil is not enough for us,” said Mohib Ulla, a displaced person.

According to statements by Repatriation and Refugees officials, currently more than three million internally displaced people have come to the capital because of war and draught.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden asked the US Congress to provide tens of thousands of Afghan refugees with a pathway to become legal permanent residents of the US in a proposal included in the supplemental budget request he sent to lawmakers last week, US media reported.

If the proposal is passed, the measures would pave the way for the Afghan nationals who entered the US between July 31, 2021, and September 20, 2022 to apply to adjust their immigration status to permanent residency.

Biden’s call on Congress comes as thousands of Afghans are still stranded in refugee camps in several parts of the world including the UAE.

“Joe Biden asked to provide a legal path for some Afghans who arrived in the US so they can take residential cards for their families and determine their destiny,” said Torek Farhadi, an international relations’ analyst.

This comes as the Iran Ministry of Interior said it has started registration of Afghan refugees who have recently entered Iran.

“Our beloved Afghans must be identified. Recognition of their identity is important especially for the policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran –(such matters) bring political and economic problems for both sides,” said Ahmad Waheedi, Minister of Interior.

This comes as some Afghans who crossed the borders to Iran complain that they are still facing problems but they are happy about the registration process.

“We are happy about this process, and we will try to live as normal and legal citizens in this country,” said Niamatullah Rizaie, an Afghan refugee.

“The presence of some refugees is illegal here. This makes it difficult to identify them,” said Naqibullah Mazlomyar, a refugee rights activist.

“The documents issued through this process will be a credible document after going through the process,” said Mohammad Khan, a refugee rights activist.

Earlier, the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation announced it would soon hold talks with the neighboring countries over the status of Afghan refugees.—Tolonews

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