Locust swarms biggest threat to food security


Sawan Khaskheli


The locust attacked on agriculture lands and devastated fruits, vegetables and other major and minor crops in Sindh Pakistan. These views were expressed by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ismail Kumbhar, Chairman Department of Agricultural Education Extension & Short Courses, Sindh Agriculture university, Tandojam on the other day.
He highlighted that the huge swarms of locust can create food insecurity in the country adding that UNFAO warned that Sudan, Ethopia, South Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan and India should remain on high alert during the next 04 weeks however, in Pakistan 38% of the area (60% Balochistan, 25% in Sindh and 15% in Punjab) are breeding grounds for the desert locust, where entire country is under the threat of in vision is the desert locust is not content in the breeding regions.