Lockdown piles up import goods as port tightens to disrupt industries supply: PCDMA


KARACHI Chairman PCDMA and former director KSE, Amin Yousuf Balgamwala has said that due to lockdown in the city commercial importers are unable to lift imported goods especially industrial raw material from the port and lockdown piles up imported goods at port, which can affect raw material supply to textile, pharma and other industries. Chairman PCDMA urged government to give access at port, so that commercial importers can lift imported goods. He pointed out that the port and customs are open but due to the serious situation and lockdown caused by the coronavirus commercial importers are unable to carry the goods. He said that commercial importers have facing port and other charges in term of container detention charges of shipping Companies, demurrage charges of various terminals including KPT, PICT, KICT & SAPTA and late G. D. filling charges, fines per day which is increasing day by day. Amin Yousuf Balgamwala called Prime Minister, Imran Khan and Federal Minister Port & Shipping, Ali Zaidi to withdraw the port charges for at least one to two months, also demanded to waive off late G. D. filling and bank charges. Chairman PCDMA further said that in the present circumstances & lockdown Situations, commercial importers cannot afford to pay demurrage, detention charges, fines, so withdraw all these charges, as they are facing severe financial crisis. He said that on one side the industries are closed and other side the markets are locked, which is why commercial importers are in financial crunch and in lockdown situation, how they would receive their payments from exporters. Amin Yousuf Balgamwala has requested Prime Minister to give relief by withdraw port, bank & late GD filling charges during coronavirus prevention emergency situation in the country