LIV Golf, Saudi Arabia’s answer to the PGA Tour, has landed a broadcast deal with USA’s CW Network ahead of its second season.

A broadcast deal was critical to LIV’s success which last year relied on YouTube and its own website to stream the 8 events during its inaugural season.

The process of finding a media partner did not go as smoothly as anticipated with several conglomerates distancing themselves from the league due to its contentious nature.

The CW, best known for syndicated programming, was allowed to swoop in and strike a broadcast deal with LIV Golf even though the network does not offer sports programming until now.

LIV did not disclose the details of the agreement.

“This is a momentous day for LIV Golf as this partnership is about more than just media rights,” LIV CEO and Commissioner Greg Norman said in a statement.

“The CW will provide accessibility for our fans and maximum exposure for our athletes and partners as their reach includes more than 120 million households across the United States.”

The CW is the fifth-largest US network and has the second-youngest audience based on media age after Fox providing LIV with a golden opportunity to break into the US market.

NBC (and Golf Channel) and CBS already have a nine-year rights deal with the PGA Tour, while ESPN won the right to its digital rights under the new contract, along with having weekday coverage of the Masters and PGA Championship.

LIV needed a response to challenge the networks and get more eyeballs on its own league.

The next season of the LIV Golf League starts Feb. 24-26 on the Gulf coast of Mexico at Mayakoba.