Listen to PM on environment



HOSTING the International Day of Environment on Saturday is certainly an honour for Pakistan and also recognition of its strides made over last few years for protection of environment.

This will give further impetus to efforts to fight global warming and improve ecosystem.

Prime Minister Imran Khan should be praised for giving a direction to the country to cope with challenge of climate change.

Addressing the main ceremony in connection with the day, Prime Minister Imran Khan rightly reminded the world community, especially rich countries, of its responsibilities not only to cut carbon emissions but also help the developing countries financially to cope with the challenge. Certainly, countries like Pakistan are faced with issue of serious financial constraints.

Apart from making allocations for education and health sectors besides debt retirement, little is left in their kitty to spend massively on environment related projects.

Since developing countries share is minimum in climate vulnerability, therefore, heavy responsibility rests with developed world to give ear to call of PM Khan and support the countries that are at forefront to confront this global phenomenon.

The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration indeed is a step in the right direction on part of the world body and all the countries should come together to turn back the deadly tide of pollution.

During next ten years, as also stated by the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, countries around the world will have to make peace with nature in order to secure a better future. With unity and cohesion, we can win this race.

As regards Pakistan, Ten Billion Tree Tsunami project must be completed within stipulated period, making it a success model for the world to emulate.

Apart from carbon reduction measures such as treading the path of renewable energy and electric vehicles, we also need to develop at the earliest an over arching and viable national adaptation plan to build country’s climate resilience.

For the development of necessary infrastructure in this regard, the international community must come forward and support the country.


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