Lesco issues monsoon directions



LESCO Chief Executive Chaudhry Muhammad Amin instructed the Lesco staff to remain alert all the time in view of the monsoon and also issued a precautionary message to the consumers.

Lesco Chief Executive Ch Amin issued instructions for immediate redressal of consumer grievances during the monsoon and also asked the citizens to take precautionary measures during rains as even the slightest carelessness can cause any major damage or accident.

The Lesco has taken following measures for public awareness during the monsoon to save citizens lives and property. Immediate repair of faulty household wiring and complete earthling of internal wiring.

Do not use electrical switches, wires and appliances if hands, clothes or shoes get wet. Be careful when ringing doorbells during rain.

Turn off all electrical appliances immediately after use. Avoid standing under electrical wires, poles, transformers, touching, placing equipment and spreading clothes on them.

Use yarn or cotton rope instead of metal wires to dry clothes. In case of power lines falling to the ground due to wind and storm, do not allow animals or any person until Lesco staff arrives.

In case of any emergency, contact the Complaint Office, SDO and XEN of your area immediately or report these numbers on 0320-0520888, 111-000-118.

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive also issued special instructions to the field staff of Lesco regarding safety and said that TRP and permit should not be on the line at all. Don’t work and work on the line during bad weather.




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