Legislators ask for action against irregularities in bidding process


Nandipur Power Plant

Ijaz Kakakhel

Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Power Senator Saifullah Abro on Tuesday asked the power division to take action against those who completed the bidding process for Nandipur Power Plant because irregularities were found there.

Presiding over the committee, Senator Saifullah Abro reiterated that there is clear evidence of irregularities and government could not initiate bidding process on one project and award another project to the same bidder because both the projects were located in different locations and have different estimated cost.

He recommended the ministry to take necessary action against the irregularities and provide details of officials, who were in-charge at that time. Earlier, the committee was briefed by the officials of Nandipur Power Plant with respect to bidding process followed in award of project. Officials informed that the advertisement was initially published for ‘Chichoki Malian’ project and three firms participated in bidding process which includes Alstom-Marubeni, Dongfang Electric Corporation Ltd. and Harbin Power Engineering Company Limited. However, lately, government awarded the ‘Nandi Power Plant’ to lowest bidder instead of ‘Chichoki Malian’ project.


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