COAS Gen Bajwa role in tackling challenges exemplary

M Saleem

In the face of evolving contests and uncertainties in the region, the role played by COAS Gen Bajwa to tackle the rising challenges remained exemplary in managing the hardcore professional tasks as well as helping Pakistan navigate choppy waters during the last six years.

Pakistan Army under the command of General Bajwa played a crucial role in strengthening Pakistan’s ties with countries across the globe through military diplomacy and played a monumen¬tal role in convincing Saudi Arabia and China to rollover of their loans. Under his leadership, Karkey Kara¬deniz Electrik Uterim (a Turkish company) dispute settlement was one of the ex¬amples of Pakistan Army ef¬forts for the economic wel¬fare of the country A Turkish company namely Karkey Karadeniz Electrik Uterim (Karkey) was found involved in corruption, a core committee comprised of civil and military leadership led to the uncovering of evidence of corruption in Turkey, Switzerland, Lebanon, Panama, and Dubai (the UAE).

This evidence was presented to the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) Tribunal by the Core Committee. Pakistan Army amicably resolved the Karkey dispute and saved Pak USD 1.2 billion in penalties imposed by ICSID. If the dispute had not been settled and Pakistan would have paid the amount, Pakistan’s GDP would have shrunk by nearly 2pc and Pakistan would have defaulted on its international obligations.

Due to the Army’s countless efforts under the leadership of COAS, Pakistan was saved from the $11 billion penalty in the Reko Diq case and reconstituted a project aimed at excavating huge gold and copper reserves from the site in Balochistan. The Reko Diq agreement was a result of COAS’ personnel efforts as he convinced all parties for a National Consensus.

The Reko Diq agreement has been reached after several rounds of negotiations over the past three years. Reko Diq will potentially be the largest gold & copper mine in the world. It will liberate Pakistan from crippling debt & usher in a new era of development & prosperity.

Reko Diq will prove to be a game changer for Federal, Provincial Governments and the people of Balochistan. It shall not only restore an investment-friendly image of Pakistan but will also accrue major economic benefits, development of indigenous mineral exploration capability, and result in a momentous socio-economic boost for the people of Balochistan.

General Bajwa should also be accredited for launching the public version of the country’s first-ever National Security Policy, which positions geoeconomics as a major part of the country’s national security outline. The military’s increasing focus on stabilizing the economy demonstrates that the institution realizes that comprehensive sovereignty and security cannot be achieved in the absenteeism of economic constancy.

During the pandemic, while the entire world was shattered by the looming crises, Pakistan’s military took lead to strategize and put to effect a novel idea for the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC). The Military’s organizational and administrative skill was put to good use, and a state-of-the-art quick but enduring solution surfaced. It not only contributed to the distribution of food and medical equipment to the poor but also carried out large-scale awareness campaigns about Covid-19. Due to such effective and synergized efforts, Pakistan has not only tackled Covid-19 aftermaths very efficiently but also averted an impending economic tragedy.


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