Law, order remains peaceful: Long queues of Kashmiri voters observed in KP

Staff Reporter

Polling for two constituencies of the Legislative Assembly of Azad Jummu and Kashmir LA XLV Kashmir Velley-VI and LA-XXXIX Jammu-VI are continued peacefully on here Sunday.

The polling was started at 8 a.m and since morning, Kashmiris voters including male and female have started arriving to polling stations in large number to exercise their right of franchise.

Long queues of voters are being observed at Shaheed Osama Zafar Government High School No 2 polling station Peshawar City besides a number of others polling stations.

Haw and order situation remained peaceful and no untoward incident occurred in provincial capital on Sunday during the AJK Election 2021 due to foolproof security arrangements made by the police.

High level of enthusiasm are being witnessed among Kashmiris including young voters inside and outside the polling stations for casting votes.

Candidates have setup polling camps outside polling stations to facilitate voters where they were helping voters to get their votes’ numbers in the voters lists and giving briefing to cast their vote correctly.

Kashmiris living in 21 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are voting for LA-XLV Kashmir Valley-VI seat where close contest is expected among Ahmad Shahid Mushtaq (Independent), Abdul Majid Khan (PTI), Abdul Nasir Khan (Independent) and Noorul Bari (JI).

The candidates have visited Osma Zafar Shaheed Govt High School Poling Station and expressed satisfaction over election and security arrangements.

Kamran Bangash, Special Assistant to the Chief Minister Khaber Pakhtunkhwa for Information and Higher Education visited an election camp to review security arrangements and urged Kashmiris voters to come in large number and poll their votes.

Talking to people he said Peshawar was like a flowers bouquet where people of all parts of the country including Kashmiris were playing their role for its development.

Kamran Bangash said no one would be allowed to disrupt smooth polling process. He said all political forces were united to thwart nefarious designs of inimical forces.

In Mardan district, Kashmiri voters were also casting votes at two polling stations setup at Govt Girls High School College Chowk.

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