Nawaz Sharif’s secret meetings with enemies exposes his real face: Gill


Spokesperson and Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on political communication, Dr Shahbaz Gill on Sunday said the three secret meetings of Nawaz Sharif with enemies of the country in a week has exposed his real face.

The meeting with Mohib Hamdullah was planned off-camera as an Indian personality was also present in the first part of the meeting, Shahbaz Gul tweeted.

After the departure of Indian personality, some pictures were taken as Mohib Hamdullah was eager to make and get published the pictures, he said. Mohib by getting published the pictures and news, exposed Nawaz Sharif, Gill said.

After this episode, no one would vote for Nawaz Sharif in Kashmir or in any part of Pakistan, he said and added that Nawaz Sharif who was trying to get National Reconciliation Ordinance, had made an unforgivable mistake.

The most secret meeting of the three took place with an Indian government official at an restaurant near Chelsea old town hall in Chelsea area of London, Shahbaz informed.

Nawaz Sharif would have to give account of the conspiracy against Pakistan to masses, Shahbaz Gill added.

In a public speech two months back in eastern Nangarhar province, next to the Pakistani border, Mohib had not only repeated his allegations about Islamabad ‘not wanting to work with a Pashtun leader in Afghanistan’ but had also called Pakistan a ‘brothel house’.

His remarks had outraged leaders in Pakistan, and Islamabad had cut off ties with his office.

Earlier, Federal Maritime Affairs Minister Ali Haider Zaidi said it was appalling to see “fugitive” Sharif meeting with Mohib.

“Nawaz Sharif has violated our stated policy of having no official contact with this despicable fool,” Zaidi added.

Parliamentary Special Committee on Kashmir Chairperson Shehryar Khan Afridi said Sharif’s meeting with the Afghan NSA proved his connections with Pakistan’s enemies.

“Again proved that Nawaz Sharif is a tool to be used against Pakistani interests. His statements on crucial issues already used by India at global forums,” Afridi added.—APP

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